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A ‘Call Out’ text for AdWords Shopping Ads in the making?

Google seems to be testing automated promotional texts and ‘call out’ with AdWords Shopping Ads. Look the image below-


The text in read block above gives this ad better exposure in comparison with the others. But the question is – where does it come form? I put it to test guessing that it is coming from Product Listing Ad Promotion Texts. Wrote a short (3 words) ad text to see if it is shown at the bottom of the ad as in the image above. No, it didn’t work.

Digging further into it gives a clue that this text ‘24% price drop’ is not the ad or part of the ad text. It basically is automated. Google seems to be analysing the pricing of the product over a period of 90 days and then it is calculating the price drop percentage and showing it as ad text and its excerpt as a callout text at the bottom.

It’s not something that can be optimized. It seems to be automated like Dynamic Sitelinks and I believe it shows up randomly only with the products which do not have any ‘promotion text’ associated with them in the shopping campaign.

Now look at the image below to see the complete ad –


It’s an automated ad to me. See the images below –



Have you spotted such ads yet?

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