Bing Ads’ URL Tracking Updated with New Parameters

Bing Ads is going to introduce three new URL tracking parameters, which will assist advertisers in knowing and learning about the source of ad clicks.

Tracking parameters can be added to the end of a destination URL for the reason of learning about the source of an ad click.

Now, advertisers will be able to know which ad extension led to a click, geographical location of the click, and location of interest that triggered the ad.

The new parameters include:

  • {feeditemid},
  • {loc_physical_ms}, and
  • {loc_interest_ms} respectively.

With the new tracking parameters, it is possible that advertisers can use the data to find if any trends lie between geographic locations and a specific ad extension.

For example, if you learn there is one city that’s highly receptive to a particular ad extension, you can direct more ads with that extension to individuals who live in that city.

In addition to that, Bing Ads has upgraded the {TargetID} parameter. Now it will be able to provide insights about in-market audience list, custom audience list, and targeted location IDs.

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