Google Search Turns to Country-Specific by Default

Google search across mobile web, mobile apps, desktop and Maps will no more use country code top-level domains…

  • Google
  • 1. Nov
  • 766
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Pinterest Opens Search Ads for All Businesses

Businesses of all sizes and scale will now be able to run self-service search ads on Pinterest, which you can have…

  • Pinterest
  • 30. Oct
  • 147
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Google Upgrades Call-Only Ads with Ad Extensions

With millions of advertisers now using call-only ads, Google has finally decided to upgrade them with a feature…

  • Google
  • 14. Oct
  • 397
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Bing Ads’ URL Tracking Updated with New Parameters

Bing Ads is going to introduce three new URL tracking parameters, which will assist advertisers in knowing and…

  • Bing Ads
  • 13. Oct
  • 564
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Google Doubles AdWords Budgets, Advertisers Unhappy

The giant search engine, Google has made an important change to the way AdWords budgets can be used, and the…

  • AdWords
  • 12. Oct
  • 262
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Twitter’s 280-Character Limit Tests : What You Need to Know

Twitter is going to test a 280-character limit, suggesting that letting people say more will make them tweet more.…

  • Twitter
  • 29. Sep
  • 140
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Ahead of the Mobile-First Index Launch, Google Has Some Advice

We all have the idea that Google is going to launch its mobile-first index anytime soon, probably in the next few…

  • Google
  • 22. Sep
  • 306
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Google Tops Amazon in Product-Search, but the Rival Sees Great Loyalty

The latest survey, conducted by a performance marketing platform Kenshoo, reveals that Amazon is either the beginning…

  • Google
  • 21. Sep
  • 556
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PaveAI sets to release its AI-powered platform to turn Google Analytics into news

PaveAI reportedly claimed that it has the first Google Analytics tool which can turn data into the news. All businesses…

  • Google
  • 3. Jul
  • 316
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Google Post Now is Available for All Google My Business Users

Google has rolled out the new ‘Post’ for all small businesses that use the Google My Business platform. Earlier,…

  • Google
  • 30. Jun
  • 1K
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adwords new sitelink layout

Is Google Testing A New Layout For Displaying AdWords Sitelinks Extensions?

Google seems to be testing a new style for displaying Sitelink extensions with AdWords Search Ads.  This new way of…

  • Google
  • 10. Jun
  • 333
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Coalition for better ads

Google joins ‘Coalition for Better Ads’ to improve online ad experience for everyone

In an effort to improve online ad experience for everyone and to fight the challenges by ad blockers, Google confirms…

  • AdWords
  • 2. Jun
  • 274
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