• AdWordsGooglePPC
  • 25. Apr
  • 189

Google Introduces Landing Page Performance Report For AdWords

Google introduces Landing Page Performance report in the new AdWords browser interface. This new report lets you evaluate the performance of your different landing pages at the landing page level right in the AdWords dashboard. To be more precise,…
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increase adwords ctr

5 quick tips to improve your AdWords Click Through Rate

Click Through Rate (CTR) is a key metric to measure ads' relevance to users' search queries. it's a metric that tells…

  • AdWords
  • 14. Apr
  • 346
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YouTube Reach Planner

Google introduces YouTube Reach Planner to help advertisers plan video spends better

Google launches Reach Planner - a tool that helps advertisers plan the video advertising spends in a better way. This…

  • YouTube
  • 11. Apr
  • 597
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AdWords Launches Ad Unit for In-Store Products

Google is going to introduce local display ads for spotlighting in-store products and sales. Different from other…

  • AdWords
  • 4. Nov
  • 201
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  • AdWordsGoogle
  • 12. Oct
  • 243

Google Doubles AdWords Budgets, Advertisers Unhappy

The giant search engine, Google has made an important change to the way AdWords budgets can be used, and the advertisers aren’t happy at all. Campaigns will now be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget, meaning on high traffic days,…
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adwords new sitelink layout

Is Google Testing A New Layout For Displaying AdWords Sitelinks Extensions?

Google seems to be testing a new style for displaying Sitelink extensions with AdWords Search Ads.  This new way of…

  • Google
  • 10. Jun
  • 304
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Coalition for better ads

Google joins ‘Coalition for Better Ads’ to improve online ad experience for everyone

In an effort to improve online ad experience for everyone and to fight the challenges by ad blockers, Google confirms…

  • AdWords
  • 2. Jun
  • 241
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AdWords Next - New AdWords Interface

New AdWords experience to be available to all advertisers by the end 2017

New AdWords experience, better known as AdWords Next, will be made available to all advertisers globally by the end of…

  • PPC
  • 30. May
  • 233
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  • AdWordsGooglePPC
  • 24. May
  • 364

Google Search Ads To Load Even Faster With AMP

Google has been doing a lot to improve the speed of the web in the recent years, specifically for the links originating from its search results pages. No doubt, the aim is to give users a better experience. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages…
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Google AdWords Now Offers Scheduled Upload Of Your Offline Conversions

  Google adds a new feature to AdWords whereby advertisers can now set up a schedule for offline conversion…

  • AdWords
  • 22. May
  • 318
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A ‘Call Out’ text for AdWords Shopping Ads in the making?

Google seems to be testing automated promotional texts and 'call out' with AdWords Shopping Ads. Look the image…

  • AdWords
  • 13. Jul
  • 246
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