Five Effective Ways To Increase CTR of Your PPC Ads

CTR is an integral part of PPC marketing. When your CTR is higher, your ads will achieve high-quality scores. Owing to a higher score, the CPC will be less while improving the ad rank. Besides, high CTR is valuable for other marketing channels such as email marketing, organic search, CRO and social media.

Are you seeking how to increase your CTR rank? Read on here to find out some of the advanced ways for improving your click-through rates.

Refining traffic through Negative Match Keywords
Negative keywords are vital for running a good AdWords account. As the name indicates here, these keywords are just the opposite of the regular keywords. The significance of regular keywords is to tell Google what terms you would like to bid on.

However, negative keywords would tell Google where you do not want ads to show up. Adding negative keywords always helps in keeping the ads relevant. But there is still a way that you can take your negatives to the different level and improve click-through rates.

Negative keywords come in three different types as exact, phrase, and broad. So, when you add negatives to your campaign, it will not show your ads for that match type. In case you are willing to have high click-through rate, you must add exact match regular keyword just like the exact match negatives to your broad and phrase campaigns that you run. Your users will be directed to the ads you made for catering their specific queries. It is because Google does not get the option of sending the users to the irrelevant campaigns.

Leveraging Location Bidding
Users search questions from a different geographical location in the search engines. For instance, imagine that two different users were searching for the query as “November clothing”, one is living in Iceland and other living in Miami. So, based on the physical location where it was entered, the query will change. When it comes to improving the CTR through location bidding, the first thing that you require is understanding the geographical impact on the behaviour of users. And tracking is also necessary, but one fact is unless you can measure, you will not be able to manage it.

But, one can make good use of tracking parameters offered by Google which is known as ‘ValueTrack’ parameters. These parameters come helpful in tracking any activity of users through a click. The location of interest usually does tell the place they search for. So, be sure that these parameters are getting stored in your analytics system. And on tying the data to user performance, you will be able to find out the geographies worth investing over time.

 Removing Duplicate Keywords
Keyword duplicity became an issue prevalent everywhere. And every PPC account must deal with it. Usually, you put essential keywords making sense at the time, and ultimately you come to know stepping back that your account has an issue with irrelevant or duplicate keywords.

Here what you need to do is to pull a search query analysis. Then you will come to know that you have search queries exactly matching the same keywords in different places. It does commonly happen but should not bother you because Google won’t let you add duplicate keywords in other separate campaigns.  So, running the analysis is not difficult. You easily can navigate to the keywords tab for your account clicking the search terms button at the top left. And then you will find the queries and keywords that drive towards the paid search traffic to your website. Later, you can keep the keyword performing the better business when you see the problem after pulling an analysis.

You can stop using other keyword and can watch the entire CTR rise since maximum traffic will see your ads. And avoid the splitting of traffic through using one instance of keyword per match type.

Opting Out of the Google’s Search Network
As a marketer, you will see a lot of clicks in the AdWords UI, but in fact, those clicks do not come from Google. They are from the vast network of partner websites of Google, known as Google Search Network.

Though the search network websites may range in quality and some appear to be legitimate, but some are entirely spam. However, Google won’t let marketers blacklist certain specific search partner websites so what you can think it is you are either all in or all out, and it is the part of the game. So, stress on figuring out which partner network is relevant and right for you.

Note: Using the ValueTrack parameters the marketers can track the click as well as its network till the final conversion. You can break your essential KPIs into the network through implementing the network parameter. You can see or find out if your search partner traffic turns into a profitable ROI prior shutting it out. In case you discover your KPIs are bad for your search partner traffic, there is an option to move out of this network. To prevent receiving a lot of bad traffic by Google’s search network, you can think of opting out.

Implementing of Dynamic Keyword Insertion
It will take a lot of time and energy for maximising the click-through rates but what you can do to make it leisurely is choosing out dynamic keyword insertion. It assists the advertisers in creating the space in your ads. And user’s search term will be appearing, and the point of doing it is to ensure that searcher gets the relevant query searched. Another beneficial feature is Dynamic keyword insertion automatically makes the injection of user’s hyper-specific search term into the ad copy.

You can improve your CTR with dynamic keyword insertion when you follow Google’s instructions here. Your ads become relevant when it consists of the search query as inserted by Dynamic keyword insertion.

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