Google Doubles AdWords Budgets, Advertisers Unhappy

The giant search engine, Google has made an important change to the way AdWords budgets can be used, and the advertisers aren’t happy at all.

Campaigns will now be able to spend up to twice the average daily budget, meaning on high traffic days, the costs may soar as high as double the budget you have set.

Google claims that the change is being made to help the advertising community better reach their goals while noting it has balanced by days when costs are below the budget.

Advertisers won’t be charged more than their monthly limit, which is the total number of days in a month multiplied by the average daily budget.

Reactions from the Advertisers

This change is not going to cost advertisers more money and may even help them reach their goals more consistently.

So why are advertisers unhappy?

Many advertisers don’t like the idea of spending their budget earlier than usual. With this change, in case advertisers notice a few high traffic days early in the month, it is possible they may spend through their budget even before the month is over.

Meaning, ads wouldn’t be shown throughout the month. On the contrary, if that were to happen, advertisers would have hit their goals. So, it is easy to see both sides of this puzzle- why Google believes it’s a good idea, but advertisers don’t.

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