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Google Search Ads To Load Even Faster With AMP

accelerated mobile pages for google search ads

Google has been doing a lot to improve the speed of the web in the recent years, specifically for the links originating from its search results pages. No doubt, the aim is to give users a better experience. This is where Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was started around a year and a half ago. The AMP technology, by now, has been accelerating news results on mobile devices like never before. Taking it to the next step, AMP for Search ads was launched yesterday at Google Marketing Next 2017 event. It will be now be loading landing pages from Google search ads within less than a second on mobile devices. 

AMP for search ads will be beta for some time so that it can be tested with a group of advertisers before being available for everyone to use. Interested advertisers can signup for the beta program and can start improving the experience for their paid search traffic from Google.

The official statement from Google says –

We’re introducing two new ways to harness the speed of AMP to improve advertising performance. First, we’re launching a new AdWords beta that lets you use fast-loading AMP pages as the landing pages for your search ads. Second, we’re speeding up ads served across the Google Display Network by using the same technology that makes AMP pages so fast.

To have an idea on how crucial and impactful your website speed can be, look at the following findings:

  • 53% of all visits are abandoned if a mobile page takes longer than 3 seconds to load.
  • A one second delay in mobile page load can decrease conversions up to 20%

Sources: – Akami, April 2017,  – The Need for Mobile Speed, Doubleclick, Sep. 2016 

It is also important to note that Google has already partnered with CloudFlare to speed up ad experience on desktops and computers as well. Several advertisers are already getting notifications in their AdWords account dashboards to integrate CloudFlare and improve the loading time of their websites. I recently got to answer a similar question at official AdWords community where the advertiser got a similar notification. The thread in the community links to the relevant resources.

To sum up, the speed at which your website loads is more important than almost anything and everything else. Even if you have the most beautiful looking and conversion optimised landing pages, a slow speed defies the very purpose of having it. In such a scenario, Google’s move to have AMP for search ads as well is definitely welcoming.

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