Google Search Turns to Country-Specific by Default

Google search across mobile web, mobile apps, desktop and Maps will no more use country code top-level domains (ccTLDs) to signify where a user is searching from.

Earlier, Google used to indicate the country service being accessible through the use of domains like,,, and so on.

The country service will now change automatically based on location, even without directing users to a different domain.

Manually typing in a ccTLD will no more bring users to the corresponding country service. This is now managed directly in settings, instead.

So, it’ll still be possible to access the appropriate country services if it’s not detected automatically.

In case you are not sure which country service you’re currently using, you’ll see it indicated at the bottom of the screen.

Google admits that this change will only affect the way its services are labelled. It won’t affect the way services work.

Google Search is consistent with how Google handles its services across other platforms, such as Gmail and YouTube.

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