Google Tops Amazon in Product-Search, but the Rival Sees Great Loyalty

The latest survey, conducted by a performance marketing platform Kenshoo, reveals that Amazon is either the beginning point for product research or plays an important role in the customer purchase process.

The company had commissioned the survey of 3,100 consumers in the UK, the US, Germany and France. The survey further tells that more people across these markets actually use Google in product search and shopping, however, Amazon is consulted by 56% as their starting point. That’s the highest percentage ever seen.

In the US, 36% people said that they use Facebook before making a purchase. Bing, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and blogs were also consulted by shoppers in smaller numbers.

The survey highlighted that 26% check Amazon in retail stores. Though this “showrooming” behaviour isn’t a new finding, it is a significant figure. Maybe more striking than any of the above were the following:

  • 22% people don’t look anywhere else if they find a product that looks suitable on Amazon.
  • 51% people accept that even if they see something that seems right on another site, they will usually check on Amazon to find alternative ideas, compare cost or gather more information before making a purchase.

Abovementioned numbers exhibit consumer loyalty and the gravitational pull that Amazon has during the purchase process. While the results show there are multiple consumer touch points and shopping tools, for a number of people, Amazon has turned out to be “the Alpha and Omega” of product search.

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