Google Upgrades Call-Only Ads with Ad Extensions

With millions of advertisers now using call-only ads, Google has finally decided to upgrade them with a feature that’s available with other ad types.

Ad extensions, additional lines of the text that become visible at the bottom of an Ad, can now be used with call-only ads.

According to Google, an addition of extensions to call-only ads can improve click-through rate by 10 percent.

When you keep in mind that calls convert three times better than web clicks, you start to discern how much potential these ad units may have.

Below are given extensions for call-ads that will now be available to all advertisers:

Location: You can include information about your business location that may encourage customers to visit in-person.

Callouts: You can now highlight unique selling points, such as free shipping or hassle-free returns.

Structured snippets: Add details about products and services. For instance, a hotel might advertise that it provides a restaurant, spa, meeting rooms etc.

Advertisers may breathe a sigh of relief as they will not have to do the same work twice. If you have already applied for any account level ad extension, they’ll be automatically added to call-only ads.

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