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Google’s Digital Garage Makes Learning Easier for Business Owners

‘The Digital Garage’ is an initiative from Google UK that aims to help business owners and wanna-be digital marketers learn almost all the necessary bits of online marketing through an intelligently designed course. The complete library of contents contains a total of 23 topics for now. It covers almost basic subjects that include – local search, advertising on search and display network, email marketing, shopping ads, analytics and more.

This program also organizes workshops in UK to make more and more people learn digital marketing. But if you are not in UK, you can join the online course from anywhere in the world.

To review the course materials I signed up for the program and went through a few modules. Impressive is the word to describe my experience. But, it covers just the basics at the moment. Hence, if you are someone who would like to learn the basics and familiarize yourself with online marketing in a better way, The Digital Garage definitely is the right place for you to get started.

Every single module in the course ends with an evaluation section which asks you to answer a few multiple choice questions. And on the completion, you are rewarded with a badge. Once you complete all the badges, you also get a certification to brag about.

Don’t worry, there’s no fee to join the course. Are you already there? if not yet, here’s the link to the garage –




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