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New AdWords experience to be available to all advertisers by the end 2017

AdWords Next - New AdWords Interface

New AdWords experience, better known as AdWords Next, will be made available to all advertisers globally by the end of this year 2017. 

The official statement says –

The new AdWords experience marks the most powerful change we’ve made to how advertisers visualize and manage their campaigns in over 15 years. The redesign makes AdWords significantly easier to use to help you reach your unique marketing goals and get things done.

The rollout is already ongoing and thousands of accounts worldwide are already using the new AdWords interface now. For all such accounts, both old and new designs are available at the moment and advertisers have the option to switch to the old and new interface as and when required.

Yes, switching back and forth is required for now for a few key options of the old and new interfaces. There are a good number options which are still not available with the new interface. For this reason, one needs to switch back to the old interface to use them.

Then, there are several new features and options which are available only in the new interface.

If you have not yet seen and used the new design, you can request an access by visiting AdWords website.

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