PaveAI sets to release its AI-powered platform to turn Google Analytics into news

PaveAI reportedly claimed that it has the first Google Analytics tool which can turn data into the news. All businesses can use this intelligence to increase their leads and revenue. Every internet or tech savvy person knows Google Analytics is just like a treasure store of data. But, does anyone know how to use it?

A startup, PaveAI is all set to release a new AI-powered platform which will be the first to transform Google Analytics data into the usable news for anyone. This is the second version of platform that the San Francisco-based company is releasing. Earlier, the company has released the first version, but it wasn’t used.  That version of platform mainly could transform Google Analytics data into English.  

However, on the contrary, this released new version will come with certain features that would help in increasing revenue and leads. And it will employ statistical models to let you know which recommendations will help and improve your ROI.

For instance, two of the Google Analytics tools for interpretation are WordSmith and Quill Engage which could be able to turn data into words but with no insights. These are meant for people who do not like reading figures in graphs. Even the AI-powered Assistant of Google Analytics could give actionable insights of data only. However, it is said that it was solely focused on improving traffic, volume and sessions without any conversions and revenue.

The Startup said that it has hundreds of customers who are analyzing traffic from 400 million visitors every month. The soon-to-be released platform will reportedly treat Google Analytics data as hub. It will also be able to have data from organic traffic, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and can compare the performance of generating revenue or lead with AdWords.

Well, it will be a great tool of generating new stories assimilating from data of Google for businesses, if all the claims are proven to be true. Let us wait and see the result till it is released in the market.

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