Pinterest Opens Search Ads for All Businesses

Businesses of all sizes and scale will now be able to run self-service search ads on Pinterest, which you can have access to the Pinterest Ads Manager.

Pinterest has introduced search ads to larger brands back in January- now all businesses can avail the advantages, and there are new features that were not available earlier.

Upgraded keyword features for Pinterest search ads encompass autotargeting, which will supplement a keyword strategy by automatically targeting relevant searches.

Pinterest admits that over two billion searches are performed on its network each month, and 97 percent of those searches are unbranded.

With the most people not searching for specific brands on Pinterest, there’s an opportunity for businesses to capture new customers.

The following testimonial reveals what exactly happened to one business:

“When STAINMASTER Home Cleaning Services ran their Pinterest search campaign, 90 percent of their traffic came from new customers- and their cost-per-click was 90 percent lower…”

Ad targeting is powered by Pinterest’s “Taste Graph”, including insights into what people are searching for and why.

Furthermore, if you plan to run a Pinterest search ad campaign, the company recommends using at least a 30-day conversion window.

Search ads on Pinterest can be created at any time via the company’s self-serve ads manager.

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