Twitter’s 280-Character Limit Tests : What You Need to Know

Twitter is going to test a 280-character limit, suggesting that letting people say more will make them tweet more. Twitter is just doubling its signature 140-character limit to 280, a move aimed at giving people more space to express themselves.

Wait a minute! The expended character limit is being rolled out only to a small test group of people. However, the giant social networking giant has every intention to roll it out to everybody if the test proves to be successful.

Following are some reasons as to why Twitter is doing this testing:

Get People to Tweet More
A product manager at Twitter, Aliza Rosen, claimed that the company wants to give people more space to express themselves.

She went on to say people tweet more in languages like Japanese, Chinese, and Korean, where the twice the information can be transferred in a single tweet.

Twitter’s idea appears to be that other demographics will start to tweet more if they are given enough characters to complete their thoughts.

Getting individuals to tweet more would be perfect for business, which is likely what the company is looking to achieve with this test.

The 140-Character Limit Was Unintentional
Jack Dorsey, the founder of Twitter, explained that the 140-character limit was just put in place because of the SMS limit existed back in the early days of Twitter.

Now that Twitter is not restricted to SMS limits, perhaps they finally decided it is time to test the waters of the longer character limit.

Encourage New Users to Join
No matter how you personally feel about Twitter, you can’t deny it’s struggling to attract new users (Matthew Lynley has emphasised on this issue in his article “Twitter’s user growth goes nowhere, and the stock is collapsing”).

Time will tell whether an expanded character limit can encourage new signups or not. However, those who are not using Twitter may find the ability to put down longer messages is a good reason to join.

It’s quite clear that the company wants to do something different. The numbers show that maintaining the status quo hasn’t led to company growth.

When Will All Users to Get the Upgraded Character Limit?
At this point of time, no one knows when the upgraded character limit will make its way to all users. The test is expected to be continued until Twitter has enough data to determine if it was a success of a failure. Whenever that is, only Twitter can decide.

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